The Activity of the General Secretariat of AIESEE in 2010

During the first post-congress year, the General Secretariat was mainly interested in preparing the next scientific events and in finding solutions to finance them.
We have started delivering the last issue of « Revue de l’AIESEE  », as well as the third volume of the collective work « Pour une grande histoire des Balkans ».
In August, the General Secretariat organized the extraordinary session of AIESEE «  The South-Eastern Europe and Asia » on the occasion of the 21st  International Congress of Historical Sciences in Amsterdam. This meeting was a real success thanks to the participants representing seven AIESEE member countries. The papers of the Amsterdam session will be published in the next issue of our Association’s  Revue.
One month later, the Secretary General – supported by the French  National Committee  of AIESEE – met the new General Director of UNESCO, Mrs. Irina Bokova; this working meeting took place at UNESCO’s office in Paris. Accompanied by the President of honour of AIESEE, professor André Guillou, professor Răzvan Theodorescu informed the General Director on the last decisions of the International Committee concerning the next scientific activities organized by AIESEE: the three annual conferences (Poland, 2011 ; Cyprus, 2012 and Croatia, 2013) and the 11th  Congress  (Turkey, 2014).
Taking into account the long cooperation between AIESEE and UNESCO, the Secretary General proposed to Mrs. Irina Bokova to organize, at the UNESCO’s Paris headquarters, in 2013, a special session to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AIESEE, one of the most active and longeval international scientific community dealing with tha human sciences.
On the same occasion, it was discussed the matter of the financial support offered by UNESCO before every conference and congress.
We remind the National Committees that our next scientific reunion will be the conference organized by the Polish Comission of  Balkan Culture and History on « The Image of Russia in the Balkans  »  which will take place the 7th and 8th of November 2011.