Balkan Day

On August 26, in the afternoon was held the Balkan Day during the 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

There participated 8 contributors from 6 countries and we had the satisfaction to be considered one of the sections where the presence was complete.

As for the quality of the interventions, it was remarkable, touching several chapters of the South-East history since the micrasian antiquity until the contemporary events of the West Balkans.

Here is the program:

Contributor: Prof. Dr. Pedro Bádenas (Spain) - Byzance et l'extrême Orient. Byzance médiateur de la diffusion du savoir entre l'Orient et l'Occident – paper read by Mr. Răzvan Theodorescu;

Contributor: Dr. Ioana Feodorov (Romania) - Rumanians and Near Eastern Arabs – Connections through Christian Orthodoxy;

Contributor: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Iliescu (Germany) - Les cariennes sur le coté ouest de la Mer Noire;

Contributor: Dr. Nertila Ljarja (Albania) - “Institutional Europeanization of the relations between Albanian state and religious institutions during the years 1920-1930";

Contributor: Ms. Riko Shiba (Japan) - Images of the Balkans in Modern Japanese Newspapers;

Contributor: Dr. Răzvan Nicolae Mitu (Romania) - Kemal Atatürk and the Beginnings of Turkey's Liberalism;

Contributor: Prof. Dr. Răzvan Theodorescu (Romania) - Les Pays Roumains et l'Extrême Orient (1300-1700);

Contributor: Mr. Miguel Ángel Vecino (Spain) - Les Balkans, porte de l’Asie vers l’Europe: chemins des hommes, chemins des cultures;

Discussant: Prof. Dr. Konstantin Nikiforov (Russia).