10th International Congress of the AIESEE
The curriculum of the 10th International Congress of the AIESEE (Paris, 23 – 27 September) takes into account the general objectives of UNESCO: “Humans and Their Environment in South-East Europe (populations, geography, means of work, production, means of communication)”

The works are divided into four sections according to the following subjects: the populations, the means of work, the production and the exchanges, the means of communication and the political contacts.

This is the first Congress of the AIESEE that is held outside the geographical limits of the South-East Europe and it aims to be a scientific and cultural event where we will talk about one of the zones the most dynamics but so dramatics of the European continent. The participants will be scholars from about twenty countries around the world, preoccupied by the past, the present and the future of this crucial zone of the world.

The fourth section is dedicated to the roads and cultural corridors, a topic inaugurated 40 years ago by the AIESEE and considered nowadays among the political and scientific goals of the European South-Eastern countries at the heads of state level (Varna, Opatija and Athens meetings between 2005-2008).

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